Making expensive repairs to your HVAC system is a thing of the past with a Premier Climate Care residential service agreement. Repairs are a reactive way of dealing with problems – something breaks and then you attempt to fix the problem, usually at great expense. We encourage our customers to take a proactive approach, in other words preventing any HVAC problems from happening in the first place.

The benefits of having a Maintenance Contract with Premier Climate Care include prolonged life of your HVAC equipment and optimal efficiency of your systems. This means less money spent on energy bills and costly repairs. When you have a service agreement with us, you also get the benefit of our 24/7 priority emergency service, allowing you to rest easy knowing that we’ll be there to help you with HVAC repairs anytime you need them.

For summer cooling maintenance we check everything in your HVAC system, including operating pressures, voltage and amperage to all motors, the air temperature drop across the evaporator, refrigerant charge, filters, controls, circuits, disconnects, electrical connections, air temperature across the condenser, and the condensate drain opening. We also install gauges, clean and adjust the thermostat, and turn exposed dampers to the cooling position.

For winter heating we check the thermostat, filters, the flue pipe, and zone valves and circulators in boilers. We adjust your thermostat, clean and adjust safety controls, vacuum clean burners and controls, clean and adjust the pilot assembly, adjust the burner for efficiency, check for gas leaks, lubricate anything that needs it, and turn exposed dampers to the heating position.

With a Maintenance Contract from Premier Climate Care, you can rest assured knowing that your home comfort systems are kept in top shape year round. Call us today and make your HVAC systems one less thing to worry about!