Electrical Outages and Your Heat Pump

In our last blog we discussed how changing your filters in your heating and cooling system on a regular basis can maximize their efficiency. We’ll go over some other tips in this week’s blog. We are Premier Climate Care, based out of Farmingdale NJ, and serving Monmouth and Ocean Counties and the Shore areas. We offer heating and cooling repair as well as installation when you need to replace an old unit.

Anyone who has survived even one winter of a Nor’Easter can tell you there will be power outages. No matter how prepared you are, you may end up waiting for the utility company to make their way down the shore to your area. We all know they are work as fast as they can.

If you have an older heat pump and the the electricity has been out for more than a half hour, set the thermostat to the emergency heat setting. This will allow your heat pump to work in this setting once the electricity comes back on. This allows the coolant to be warmed up by the compressor before forcing it to heat the house. In newer units this is automatic. You should leave it on emergency heating setting for 6-8 hours before you put it back to the normal setting. If you have a Carrier unit, they suggest that you leave it in emergency setting for a time equal to the time of the outage.

If it’s still not working correctly after what you think is a reasonable time, give us a call.

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