How to Get the Most Out of Your Heat Pump

We’ve got some down right cold nights to get through as we slog our way to springtime. HVAC systems will be put through their paces. We all thought that winter weather might miss us this year, but no, it’s upon us with a vengeance. We are Premier Climate Care, a top-quality HVAC contractor. We service HVAC systems, which of course includes heating systems.

Get the Most Out of Your Heat Pump

  • If your home is heated solely through the use of a heat pump you may notice that it has a tough time keeping up with the cold on the nights to come, or days if the temperature stays below 35. The plain fact is that heat pumps can’t keep up. They are not designed to work in extreme cold.There are some things you can do to optimize the output of your heat pump.
  • One of the easiest things you can do is from the warmth of your home. Change your filters regularly. You usually can change them about once a quarter, so four times a year. However, if you have cats, dogs, or live near something that kicks up a lot of dirt, like a farm, you may want to change them more often. When your air filter is clogged it has the effect of slowing down the airflow through them, making the heat pump work harder to pump the air. Changing your filter frequently decreased the friction and lets the heat pump work efficiently. This will result not only in better airflow but also lower utility bills.

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