Storm Preparation Tips

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If you haven’t yet heard (and we find that highly unlikely), there is a big storm coming! Winter Storm Jonas looks like it’s going to pack a wallop! They say it may rival the storms of 2010 and wasn’t that a year to remember. We called it Snowpocalypse and it caught some people unprepared. Don’t let that happen to you this time. Read our tips for preparing for the big storm.

Preparing for a storm and a power outage

  • Get enough food and water for three days (more if you live in a remote area). Get food you can prepare and eat without heating it up, or cooking it at all. Bread and peanut butter and jelly are always good to have, especially if you’ve got kids to feed. You can prepare dishes like chicken and rice ahead of time, place them in ziplock baggies and freeze them. What great about those is that you can always eat them after the power comes back on.
  • Charge your rechargeable flashlights Stock up on batteries for all the flashlights and radios.
  • Charge your phone fully and consider buying either a power bank or a hand-cranked radio that has phone charging capabilities.
  • Bring in winter tools. If you have the shovel on standby inside your front door, you can shovel your way out instead of having to troop through the snow to get it.
  • Prepare a secondary source of heat. If you have a generator, get it ready for service. If you plan on using a kerosene heater, pick up some extra units of kerosene and make sure the heater is working well. If you have to use it, be sure to gather everyone in the house in one room and shut the doors so you can actually feel the heat.

Call us if you need repair help during or after the storm.